Workplace mediation

We offer a workplace mediation service for organisations where there is conflict between staff. Conflict in the workplace is a very common situation. Much of it can be resolved at an early stage from within the organisation. Sometimes, however, it can become damaging, and at this point our assistance can be vital.

Our leaflet will tell you about:
  • Workplace situations that can benefit from mediation.
  • The impact of conflict to the organisation and individuals involved
  • The benefits of using mediation
  • What a person can expect if they are willing to try mediation

We have assisted organisations of varying sizes in the public and voluntary sectors since 2011. We are now taking on cases in the commercial sector for medium-sized businesses as well. To find out about costs, contact us. We can give a 15% discount to voluntary sector organisations.

VASWe are recommended by  VAS's Human Resources Advice Service.

Support for mediation in the workplace

Mediation is widely promoted for the resolution of disputes in the workplace:
BIS The government's Gibbons Report recommends that Employers be encouraged to pursue early resolution to workplace disputes, thereby avoiding recourse to employment tribunals.
ACAS The ACAS guide dealing with Disciplinary and Grievance cases is placing further emphasis on the informal resolution of conflict. It highlights the use and benefits of mediation.
CIPD The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development represent the largest group of professionals responsible for managing and providing advice concerning conflict in the workplace. In a recent survey of employers CIPD found that the most effective ways of resolving workplace conflict are firstly informal discussion, secondly mediation, and thirdly grievances and compromise agreements.