Neighbour mediation

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to talk to your neighbour about an issue that is bothering you. Perhaps you think you won’t be listened to. Maybe you are worried that things will be said that will make matters worse. We have a leaflet which gives some tips on how to approach your neighbour about a problem: you can download it here. If you’re still stuck, mediation may help.  Neighbour mediation deals with disputes involving antisocial behaviour, noise, parking, harassment, boundaries, etc

How to get help from MESH

If you are a tenant of Sheffield, Rotherham or Chesterfield council, you can talk to your housing officer about the free mediation service that they provide through MESH.

If your neighbour is a tenant of any of these councils, but you are not, then the free service may still be available. You can ask your neighbour to contact their housing officer, or contact the relevant council housing office yourself.

If you are a tenant of a housing association we may still be able to help.  Contact your landlord or the MESH office and we will see if we can assist.

Paying for help from MESH

For tenants of Sheffield, Rotherham and Chesterfield councils the service is free providing the council housing officer asks MESH to take the case.

If you contact us we can assess your problem and let you know if your landlord could pay and what the costs could be. As a charity, our costs are less than many commercial organisations, and we are not profit driven. 

If you contact us we can assess your problem and let you know what the costs could be.
You can find out more about how it works from our leaflet, or going to What is mediation?

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