Mediation is a way of sorting out problems using talking, listening and co-operation with the help of people who are neutral.

How Does Mediation Work?

Mediation works by using impartial helpers (mediators) to build communication and understanding where relationships have broken down so that it has become difficult to talk. Mediators give people the chance to be listened to. They can pass messages between parties who are in conflict and help people find ways of achieving solutions that suit all sides.

Mediators meet individually with each party involved in a dispute, listen to them and help them decide what they want to do next. This might be asking the mediators to take information to the people they are in dispute with or it may involve using the mediators to set up a meeting with the other side.

Mediation works by allowing control of the mediation process to stay with the people involved. Participation in a mediation process is voluntary. We find that in talking about the problems that they are experiencing and by listening to how the people they are in dispute with feel, people are often able to find solutions to their difficulties that are acceptable to everybody

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