Sometimes people separate and cannot agree on important issues like
  • Who will live where, who should move out
  • If there are children, who will they live with
  • When will they see the other parent
  • How will they adjust to the separation
  • What should the financial arrangements be
  • Who will pay the bills 
  • What happens about communication and emotional support
  • Should lawyers be used
  • Should there be any Court proceedings
Family mediation can help resolve these and many other issues, even where there is tension or conflict. Sometimes people are close to agreement but need a little help from a neutral third party; again our family mediators can help. Your mediator can give you legal information; if you want legal advice from a solicitor, we can help you find where to go for it.
Family mediation with us is:
  • A way of helping you to reach agreements which take account of all your needs
  • A safe place to negotiate about the arrangements for your future
  • An opportunity to recognise the needs of your children as well as yourselves
  • Comprehensive: it can cover all the areas that you want it to
  • Confidential and tailored to your needs
You can find details of how mediation works, and how much it costs, in our leaflet.

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